Helping you to fly better by providing personalized recommendations to minimize jet lag.

SkyZen creates your personalized insights by blending your sleep and activity patterns (from your wearable device) with your current and future flight activity.

How does it Work

Download SkyZen and link it with you wearable data.  You only need to enter in your flight number, date and class of travel, and SkyZen will automatically collect and overlay the data.

Using the data collected, SkyZen will offers passengers personalized insights on their flight activity, and strategies to minimize jet lag before and after flight.

Why Wearable data

By mapping your wearable data against your flight data we can provide you personalized insights for your flight and jetlag management.

The magic of this solution, is that SkyZen combines a passenger’s personal information with aggregated data to provide a personalized insight and recommendation you.


For example:

  • PERSONAL DATA – we know you only walk 3kms every day for the last week.
  • AGGREGATED DATA – we know that people who fly through airport XYZ in general walk 4kms in a 60 minute period during their connection.
  • INSIGHT – you have only walked 3kms per day in the last week, and based on your flight schedule tomorrow, we expect that you will walk 4kms between connections in a 60 minute period. Do you need assistance ?