Installing the SkyZen is a simple 2 step process.

STEP 1 – install Wearable app (optional)

The first step is to ensure that your Jawbone, or Fitbit app is installed and working

Please refer to the following instructions relating to your device if needed or

This step is not required if you don’t have a wearable.  If you wish to use the IPhone accelerometers (If you have an iphone 5S or later) then you can skip this step, but be sure to link it to the Apple Health app in step 3


For SkyZen app, just search the ITUNES store for Skyzen, and install.  

Once you install it, setup your user id and password,

You can elect to store you passports if you wish.

Step 3 – Connect SkyZen to your Fitbit, Jawbone or Apple account

This step allows SkyZen to read the data and then import it into the SkyZen app for insights and analysis.

Connect Fitbet

Select FITBIT as your data source

Skyzen App


Skyzen App

Enter your fitbit account and password

Skyzen App


Select Connect Jawbone

Select Jawbone as your data source

Skyzen App

Select Connect Jawbone

Skyzen App

Enter Jawbone email and password

Skyzen App

Agree to the connection

Skyzen App

A tick to the left of that connection.

Skyzen App

Select Connect to Apple Health


Select Apple Healthkit as data source

Select grant access to Apple Health

Allow the sleep analysis and steps


Select your data source


Within the main overview screen you can select the datasource which will be used by selecting the filter icon on the upper right