Below is a series of commonly asked questions.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us via the CONTACT US page

How do I find my flight ?

To enter in your flight, enter in the full flight number, which is usually 2 characters and then 3-5 numbers.  For EasyJet, enter in the 3 characters and then the flight number.

Quite often the lookup will require leading zeros,

For example: BA001 or  AC2233

How do I connect my skyzen to the wearable

Please see the instructions on the connections page here <= add hyperlink here

What connections are available

Currently we integrate with Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple Health app.  

Does it work on the apple watch

Yes, our latest version has an apple watch release, which has watch notifications regarding 

·         SkyZen Insights and

·         Badges earned

Is it available on Android

We are currently developing the Android version, and we hope that it will be available shortly, please join the Skyzen community so that we can contact you once we release the Andriod version.  Register your interest here….